Jump For Joy: Summer Camp Themes Your Child Will Love

Summer camp has long been something of a universally-loved activity for children and parents alike. With so many types of workshops and classes available, there is a summer camp that can perfectly suit your child's wants and needs. Read on for three summer camp themes that your child might enjoy! Bugging Out What kid doesn't like bugs? Summer camp is an excellent way to get your kids involved in learning more about the natural world around them.

3 Popular Types Of Preschool Approaches To Consider For Your Child's Educational Needs

If your child is approaching the age where they will attend preschool, you need to determine what type of preschool approach will work best for your child. There are different approaches for educating and working with early childhood-age children. You will want to find a preschool that uses an approach that aligns with your own parenting beliefs and with your child's unique needs. Type #1: Montessori With the Montessori approach, children start school in preschool, and the learning approach can be used throughout early childhood.

How an Illustrated Book Helps with Your Child's Teeth Brushing

Getting a young shield to brush their teeth regularly can be hard. Even if you get them in the bathroom to brush their teeth, they generally don't want to put as much time and effort into properly brushing their teeth as they should. However, if you can find something that helps to get them excited about brushing their teeth the way they should then you can find it a lot easier to get them to properly care for their teeth.

3 Tips To Help You Choose The Right Private Christian School For Your Child

In this day and age, many states have a lot of school choices. However, there are a large number of families who are confident that the best option for their children is an education in a private Christian school setting. But since most metropolitan areas have multiple  Christian schools, it can be difficult to determine which program is the right option. Most parents want their children to stay in the same school from kindergarten through graduating high school, so choosing the right school from the outset is very important.

The Case For Spending Money On Day Care

Child care is one of the most expensive expenses for an American family. This is one of the toughest things for many parents to deal with when financing a good life for their child. It can be especially difficult for new parents who have never been through this and aren't financially or emotionally prepared for it. However, spending money on daycare or a pre-K school program, like those at Prep Company Tutorial Schools, is still a worthwhile expense for many people.